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Catchpoint (UK) New Website Has Now Launched

Introducing, the new Catchpoint (UK) website!

We are so excited to introduce you to our brand new website. Since we established in 1997, we now work alongside the largest organisations in the UK and Ireland; and having a modern, interactive website now showcases and reflects our innovative products and services we have on offer - as well as our amazing Catchpoint (UK) team!

Catchpoint UK chose Easson Media to be the company in charge with the task of designing our new website. Our old website was quite out dated and Easson Media have done a really impressive job at re-designing it. We’ve worked together closely on this project and they have communicated well with us, keeping us up to date with the progress of our new website. Any content changes to the website which we wished to alter have been done swiftly. We are really happy with the new website design, especially the mobile version. we'd definitely recommend Easson Media to any other businesses who are looking to improve their online presence.

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