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 The primary reason for installing an emergency lighting system is to enable occupiers to exit a property safely in the event of a mains power cut that could potentially leave the occupiers in near or total darkness.

We install and maintain emergency lighting systems to comply with British standards BS 5266-1:2011. Emergency lighting systems need to meet the latest fire safety legislation in a way that is visually acceptable and meets the user’s needs for ease of operation and maintenance.

 We have the knowledge and expertise to answer any questions you may have and provide you with a full design, installation and maintenance service ensuring all the relevant legal requirements for emergency lighting are covered correctly. Emergency lighting maintenance is usually combined with the fire alarm service visits to ensure an ongoing cost effective solution for the customer.

Project Management & Design

Protect your business by taking advantage of our full system design, installation and maintenance service.

Packages To Suit You
Providing security solutions for retail, commercial and industrial premises, Catchpoint UK offers you the most innovative security systems and products available.

Catchpoint (UK) supply, design, maintain and install emergency lighting across various different sectors.

Emergency Lighting


Start protecting your business with our Emergency lighting. We look forward to working with you to ensure that your premises remain secure.

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