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Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) 

Shoplifting has a major impact on retailers and their profits. Catchpoint UK provide security tagging solutions to retailers who are experiencing these issues. We offer a wide range of tagging products that are compatible with all EAS technologies which will protect your assets and help minimise your shrinkage.

Security tagging is the most effective way to combat shoplifters and reduce shrinkage. By tagging your merchandise you can safely protect your products while ensuring your security is not intrusive. Your tagging system will then alert you whenever a product is leaving your premises without being paid for.


We are authorised distributors for Checkpoint and Tyco product ranges.
RF, AM and EM systems and tags.
We also offer tagging components such as detachers, de-activators, pins, lanyards, labels and all Alpha High Theft solutions such as Spider Tags, 2/3 alarm cable lock tags and Thunder Tags

Our technology effectively “tags” products that are within your store. Without the deactivation or removal of these tags, an alarm will sound when the customer leaves. While such systems are indeed excellent at preventing theft, their mere presence will likely deter anyone from attempting a robbery.


In all of these cases, Catchpoint UK is proud to state that we are an NSI (National Security Inspectorate) NACOSS Gold installer. Furthermore, we adhere to the NSI Quality Schedule SSQS 101. 


Project Management & Design

Protect your business by taking advantage of our full system design, installation and maintenance service.

Packages To Suit You

Providing security solutions for retail, commercial and industrial premises, Catchpoint UK offers you the most innovative security systems and products available.


Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) is a technological method for preventing shoplifting in retail stores, libraries, and other businesses where merchandise is on display.  Sensor Tags or Sensor Labels are fixed to merchandise and are removed or deactivated by personnel when the merchandise is properly bought or checked out. Many retailers suffer from theft and goods stealing as a matter of course, but this doesn’t need to be. Simply throwing one's hands in the air and excepting stock disappearing from shelves is ‘all part of being in retail’ isn’t the attitude needed to turn your retail outlet into a successful business.

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Start protecting your business with our Security Tagging (EAS). We look forward to working with you to ensure that your premises remain secure.


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