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Solutions for your businesses SECURITY CONCERNS!

UK businesses lose a great deal of money each year due to a pronounced lack of security solutions. From firms specialising in information technology to the retail industry and even those that are involved with national infrastructure, the security of a business has never been more relevant (or more challenging). Bespoke business security systems are an operational component that cannot be overlooked. Your enterprise will naturally have unique requirements and in this industry second best isn’t good enough. That’s why Catchpoint UK provides the best security systems and products available with a tailored service for perfect fit.

Some of the solutions you can expect from us:

  • CCTV Surveillance Systems for Small Businesses

  • High-Tech Security for High-End Businesses

  • Small Business Access Control

  • Small Business Monitored Alarms

  • Small to medium Business Security

  • Small Business Alarms


Catchpoint UK is a fully registered BAFE company that has completed all of the requirements set forth in the SP203-1 fire certification scheme. In simpler terms, this allows us to present the most modern fire detection solutions that will protect your property in the event of an incident. We only utilise the most respected equipment in the industry. A handful of the brands that we work with include:



New threats emerge each year so it is imperative to businesses across the UK that solutions are proactively sought and implemented. At Catchpoint UK, we offer business security solutions that are as varied as the businesses we serve making sure your business is protected. Whether a modern intruder alarm system is required or live CCTV recording is appropriate, Catchpoint UK will approach each task with a bespoke attitude; enabling the most relevant solution to be chosen for your business. Some of the main areas that we cover will revolve around (but are certainly not limited to):

Of course, we will only implement the latest and most proven solutions for these concerns. In many such systems, we also have the ability to employ panic buttons and other means that will notify the relevant authorities in the event of either a security breach or a personal attack. In high-risk industries, the peace of mind that such systems provide cannot be overstated. We are also proud to be able to state that we are fully compliant with BS EN ISO 9001:2008 and NSI standards. Basically, we adhere to the most stringent of security protocols so you can trust we are taking care of your business.


Bespoke security solutions are essential if you want the best protection for your business. At Catchpoint UK, our trained technicians approach each security solution based on the needs of the business. As an example, if you own a retail store, it is likely that CCTV monitoring and electronic article surveillance will be important. If you are involved in an industry that is at risk for data theft or physical intrusion, access control systems and bespoke intruder alarms will prove to be of great value. Catchpoint (UK) boasts the experience, skills and professionalism to meet and exceed even the most stringent of security protocols regardless of how challenging your requirements. We promise to meet and exceed industry standards. That’s how we can offer you second-to-none levels of protection and peace of mind.

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