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Electronic Article Surveillance systems STOP thieves in their tracks.

Catchpoint (UK) has been an approved Checkpoint distributor and installer for many years, advertising their full range of products and in this article we are going to cover the most popular to help you get started on protecting your business the right way.

Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) is a technological method for preventing shoplifting in retail stores, libraries, and other businesses where merchandise is on display. Sensor Tags or Sensor Labels are fixed to merchandise and are removed or deactivated by personnel when the merchandise is properly bought or checked out. Many retailers suffer from theft and goods stealing as a matter of course, but this doesn’t need to be. Simply throwing one's hands in the air and excepting stock disappearing from shelves is ‘all part of being in retail’ isn’t the attitude needed to turn your retail outlet into a successful business.

‘Electronic Article Surveillance systems Stop thieves in their tracks.’

Checkpoint’s high-end range of EAS antennas have been designed to meet your product protection, operational and store environment needs. Their antenna solutions work to deter theft before a potential thief enters your store, detecting stolen items, increasing product availability, improving in-store efficiency and providing the best possible experience for your shoppers.

Catchpoint (UK)’s EAS Specialist, said:

‘Shoplifting has a major impact on retailers and their profits. Catchpoint UK provide security tagging solutions to retailers who are experiencing these issues. We offer a wide range of tagging products that are compatible with all EAS technologies which will protect your assets and help minimise your shrinkage.’

Catchpoint (UK) are a huge distributor and installer for Checkpoint for over many years and today we want to share our most popular EAS Systems that could save your business.



Evolve P10 / P20 systems

The Evolve iRange P10 / P20 Systems is a robust aesthetically pleasing antenna, designed to withstand tough retail environments such as supermarkets and hypermarkets, pharmacies, DIY stores and gardencentres. The Evolve iRange P20 is a slimmer alternative to the P10 antenna, designed to withstand the same tough environments, but where space is at a premium. DOWNLOAD HERE



Classic Plus QX 1.6m system

The Checkpoint Plus system has been designed to fit the retail environments where a narrower aisle width is required, with a discreet slim-line look to the pedestal. Catchpoint offer this system with installation from our specialist engineers and a 12-month warranty as standard. DOWNLOAD HERE


Classic Trend PX 1.8m system

The Checkpoint Trend system has been designed to fit the most demanding of retail environments.​It is encased in a strong, robust frame and features a high detection rate making it perfect for any store with

heavy foot traffic. Catchpoint offer this system with installation from our specialist engineers and a 12 month warranty as standard. DOWNLOAD HERE


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