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Protecting your retail store is crucial, Catchpoint (UK) share the benefits.

There are huge benefits when investing in CCTV cameras and HD/IP cameras especially in retail stores and shopping centres to prevent the high level of shoplifting. CCTV has made a significantly large impact on reducing crime. Catchpoint (UK) has been at the forefront of this revolution, providing innovative digital, HD, IP and analogue CCTV solutions for various markets in retail, leisure, commercial, industrial and public sectors.

A retail store security system is a crucial part of loss prevention, and security cameras for retail stores play a big role stepping up your security. If you are the owner of a retail establishment, here is a look at some of the strong benefits of security cameras in retail stores.

Retail Video Surveillance Is Helpful to Loss Prevention

Without a doubt, one of the top benefits of installing retail store security devices likes security camera, is that it can help to prevent retail store losses. Theft and shrinkage of inventory are a primary concern for retail store owners. A security camera system will help to cut down on inventory shrinkage and the negative financial impact they will have on your business.

Retail Store Video Surveillance Improves Customer Service

A security camera will not only help to deter theft, but it can also help to improve customer service. Ensuring your customers are happy and have a pleasurable experience while shopping is another factor that plays a huge part in your success.

Retail Security System Offers Constant Surveillance

With a security HD/IP camera, you will have constant surveillance (24/7 surveillance) of your retail store, even when you aren’t there. This means that your store will be monitored even after it is closed, and when your miles away. Retail stores are often targeted by thieves after working hours, as thieves often assume that there will be less of a chance that they will be caught. With a night vision security camera in place, you will have constant surveillance of your store, even during the hours when the store isn’t open. If criminal activity is detected, the authorities will be notified, and they will be able to take action.

At Catchpoint (UK), we have years of experience in installing and maintaining CCTV systems. So, whether you are looking to protect your property, retail outlets, vehicles or valuables, or merely ensuring the safety of your staff, we can offer you a completely bespoke system design, installation, maintenance, and monitoring service. Providing security solutions for retail, commercial and industrial premises, Catchpoint UK offers you the most innovative security systems and products available.


Catchpoint (UK)’s EAS Specialist, said:

‘Shoplifting has a major impact on retailers and their profits. Catchpoint UK provide security tagging solutions to retailers who are experiencing these issues. We offer a wide range of tagging products that are compatible with all EAS technologies which will protect your assets and help minimise your shrinkage.’


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