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Retailers: Fire Safety Advice

Is It Really Worth The Risk?

All businesses have people and assets that need protection, particularly those that need to provide continuity with products and services. From a fire, 25% of fire/ smoked damaged businesses never recover, according to recent government statistics show that over loss of stock or the inability to continue communicating their services. Enhancing a fire system to include monitoring can reduce the risk of losing a business to fire, prioritising fire signals for a swift response and linking these signals directwith command and control centres ensuring that emergency services can be dispatched without delay.

UK Fire Safety Statistics:

  • Between April 2012 and March 2013 there were 22,500 fires recorded in buildings that were not dwellings (residential properties.)

  • The majority of fires occurred in non-residential buildings (e.g. retail units, pubs/wines bars/cafes/takeaways and industrial manufacturing plants.)

  • In 2016, 21 fatal and 139 non-fatal casualties occurred in fires in buildings other than dwellings.

  • The most common cause of fire in shops and retail premises is arson.

Our Fire Safety Management Will Help Retailers...

Here at Catchpoint (UK), we can help all sizes of retail business to ensure you get it right. It is very easy to become complacent about basic fire safety management when you have a whole myriad of tasks and pressures needing attention. However, by accepting poor housekeeping or breaching fire compartments by wedging open fire resisting doors, a small fire could potentially grow substantially and quickly spread through the building and become untenable.This would be easily preventable by implementing a simple fire safety management system. A fire safety management system can significantly reduce the risks and minimize the potential effects of retail fire. Fire safety management need not be complicated for retailers. Fire Risk Assessments must be suitable and sufficient, therefore need to be completed by competent persons.

Why Choose Catchpoint (UK) For Your Safety Management?

We offer full fire detection systems design and installation, along with complete service and maintenance coverage throughout the UK and Ireland in full compliance with the relevant British Standard codes of practice. Not only are we a fully registered BAFE company that has completed all of the requirements set forth in the SP203-1fire certification scheme. In simpler terms, this allows us to present the most modern fire detection solutions that will protect your property in the event of an incident. We also install, maintain and service all types of fire detection equipment and are accredited installers for a variety of leading manufacturers including Gent, SMS and Honeywell. Our valued partnerships enable us to receive the latest technology at the most competitive prices, ultimately passing these savings onto our customers.

Start protecting your business with our Fire Systems.

To find out more about how Catchpoint (UK) can help prevent fire in your home or workplace, get in touch with one of our team members today. We look forward to working with you to ensure that your premises remain secure and protected.


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